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Tiger's Swing Analysis

6 Keys to great shotmaking

  • Always accelerate through the ball – including putting and chipping.
  • Let your arms follow your hips on the downswing
  • Forget what you have been told about keeping your head completely still. Don’t be afraid to let your head move toward the target on the downswing. This can add substantial length to your shots.
  • Keep your left heel (for right-handed golfers) firmly planted on the ground during the backswing. This helps create a much more consistent swing.
  • Concentrate on developing an athletic but un-hurried rhythm.
  • Strive for balance on your finish.

Adding Length
In order to hit the ball long you must generate clubhead speed at impact. It is that simple. A swing with a 125 mph clubhead speed with the same club and ball with hit a longer shot than one with a 90 mph swing – assuming they both go straight.

If you watch the long hitters on tour they almost all have a few things in common:

  • They use a lot of wrist. Rigid wrists during the backswing and downswing will greatly reduce your clubhead speed. Allowing the wrist to freely cock and then unload during the downswing will add significant distance to any shot.
  • They let their right elbow fly – or move away from their ribcage – during the backswing. This allows more extension and a more upright swing which generates speed.
  • Their legs and hips lead their arms through the ball so that at impact their belt buckle is beginning to face the target. Most high handicap gofers tend to have too much upper body whereas the pros use their legs and hips to pull their arms through the ball.
  • They are relaxed, balanced and have great rhythm. They go back slowly and accelerate through the ball. At the finish they are balanced and looking at the target.
  • Despite the common wisdom they all allow for head movement during the swing. Forget what you have been told about keeping your head completely still. Don’t be afraid to let your head move toward the target on the downswing.

Hitting from a tight lie or fairway
Many golfers find this to be the toughest shot to hit. As courses become more groomed and fairways are cut even shorter tight lies have become more common. They feel as though they can’t get under the ball. The solution is to try an hit the ball first - on the downswing.

If your tendency is to hit the ball fat (hitting the ground before the ball)

  • Take your stance with the ball positioned an inch or two more toward your right foot (for a right-handed player)
  • Keep your hands ahead of the ball at setup.
  • Swing normally with the emphasis on a low and long follow through

If your tendency is to hit the ball thin (topping the ball)

  • Take your normal stance but instead of trying to hit the ball into the air focus on trying to drive the ball into the ground. You we be surprised at how the ball will pop off you club. The ideal shot will take a divot that will appear to start in front of where the ball position.
  • It is important to accelerate through the ball. Being tentative will encourage a thin shot.

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